Mermaid Me!

Mermaids may be legendary creatures, but did you ever dream of seeing one or even better…BECOMING one? I know I sure have.

My first recollection of a mermaid was when the movie SPLASH first came out (1984). I remember being so fascinated by the beauty and the marvel of Darryl Hanna’s character as a mermaid in the movie. I remember clearly how I wished I was a mermaid too. In fact, even though I knew mermaids did not exist, something inside me still believed that there’s an ever so slight possibility of their existence. This may be the reason that for a few years following the movie I would find myself hoping to see one every time I was anywhere near an ocean.

Well who knew that 30+ years later my dream would come true and I would become a mermaid?!!

One day a couple of months ago, I got an email from someone introducing themselves as a Marketing Strategist at AquaSirène, a Mermaid school here in Montreal. The email was quite flattering as it seems like my blog ( had caught the attention of someone working at the school, and was found to be both informative and professional (how cool is that?!). This lead the management team to invite me to participate in one of their Mermaid Classes which take place every Saturday between 12:00 and 3:00PM. They are held at the school pool of Collège Notre-Dame, a private school on Queen Mary Rd in Montreal, right across from the spectacular Saint-Joseph Basilica.

My first reaction was like most: “There’s a school for what?? Mermaids? Let me read this again…Oh wow! And it’s here in my hometown??! I gotta try this!!”. The purpose of the invite was quite clear in the email. The invite is extended to a few key local bloggers so they can see what the school has to offer in hopes we would write about our experience and share it with our audience. Excited to be a mermaid, I of course accepted the offer. And so, the date was set for a class at 1:30 on Saturday July 15th. “Yessss!!! I cannot wait!” I thought.

Excited, I woke up early that Saturday morning, showered and packed a few key items in preparation for my mermaid class: flip-flops, towel, head band, a lock, and a few shower essentials. I then posted a video of myself on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sharing with everyone where I am heading out to. Excitement filled my social media accounts…everyone wanted to know more about my experience.

I arrived at the school one hour early, and Thank God, I did! My GPS led me to the back of the school, where I parked and found it to be quite a walk around to get to the main entrance on Queen Mary Rd. My advice: enter the school’s parking lot by Queen Mary Rd, nowhere else. It is the easiest and most convenient entrance and there is plenty of free parking for everyone.

When I walked in, I asked for the pool at the security desk, and he guided me to the door to my right which led me downstairs to the ladies’ locker room. I was told to ask for “Stephanie” upon my arrival. But couldn’t find a door leading to an office or anything of that sort. So, I asked a lady who was getting her young daughter ready for class, where I can find the Mermaid School staff. She told me to go straight through the glass doors to the pool area.

As I pushed through the frosted doors, the smell of chlorine and the sound of loud giggles dominated my senses. I saw a young lady walking around the pool, as if to monitor those already in the pool. To my right, I noticed a large group of ladies all dressed up in mermaid tales following the instructions of another mermaid (who seemed to be the teacher), doing all kinds of beautiful aquatic moves, tilting and wiggling their mermaid tales all over the pool. I was mesmerised. I then looked to my right and found a bunch of mermaid tales hanging along the side of the wall, as if to allow them to dry out. Then the young lady that was walking around the pool noticed me and came to see me: “Bonjour!” she said. “Hi, I’m Bosaina, and I’m the blogger behind “Oh yes” she said with a big beautiful smile “I’m Stephanie. Welcome to Aquasirène Mermaid School”. We chitchatted a bit and then she asked me to go back in the locker room to change into my bathing suit.

 Mermaid Me!

Mermaid Me!

When I came back into the pool area, I noticed a lineup of young ladies (probably in their early 20’s to 40’s) waiting for the 1:30 class to begin. I was then greeted by Stephanie and was guided to choose my mermaid tail. Taken by the variety of patterns and colors, I immediately spotted the one I wanted: it was beautiful with hues of orange, yellow and purple. “This one matches my bathing suit top” I claimed. So, I grabbed it and waited on the benches that stretched alongside the pool. Stephanie assured me not to hesitate should I have any questions at all. So, I told her what I think is VERY important to know before we begin our class: “I don’t know how to swim”. Not concerned, she smiled. She said not to worry as they have noodles I can grab on to and follow with the class. Besides, she insisted that at no time I will be forced into doing anything that would jeopardize my safety or make me feel uncomfortable.

Content, I sat back and watched the other class play around in the pool. “Are these regular classes that are held every weekend here at the pool” I asked. “Well there are classes held between noon and 3:00PM every Saturday here indeed. However, the mermaids in the pool at the moment are actually here for a bachelorette party!”. Nice, I thought. It turns out you can actually reserve time slots for a mermaid class for either a birthday, a shower or a bachelorette here at the pool. Or, simply a day spent amongst your friends (both girls and guys are welcome). What an awesome idea!

 LOve my mermaid suit

LOve my mermaid suit

A few minutes later, another young girl came up to a small group of us standing near the pool and introducing herself as “Cookie” (yes, that’s her actual name!) our mermaid class leader today. She instructed us to choose our tail.

More details on pricing and membership can be found on their website (, but just to give you an idea, membership is about 75$/month per person, or about 200$/group of 7 people for a 1-hour class. But don't take my word for suggestion is to contact them directly via their website.

Cookie instructed us to sit down on the floor, slip on the mermaid suit by inserting our feet in the fins that are located inside the bottom of the tail end of the suit. Following this, we were to pull the bathing suit-like material up our legs, all the way to above our belly button. The suit felt snug, yet stretchy and comfortable. There are suits to fit every size and height for both children and adults alike. And guess what? You can also buy your own mermaid tail if you wanted to:

We were then instructed to go in the water, tails first. The pool felt warm and welcoming. Cookie was sweet and reassuring and started explaining how important it is to use our knees to facilitate the movement of the mermaid suit. I loved how it felt to be in the water and felt ultra sexy in the suit! Not knowing how to swim, I told the group that I will watch and cheer them on from the side of the pool. I can tell though, everyone seems to enjoy their experience tremendously. At first, some were finding it hard to manage their movement as the tail felt heavy and the fact that their feet were caught together in the suit was a bit of an adjustment. But in no time, everyone seems to get the hang of things and they were all jumping in and out of the water and swimming like real-life mermaids (if they exist, that is)!

All in all, I found the experience to be so much fun, especially if you actually KNOW how to swim (sigh!). It can be particularly fun as a girl’s birthday party activity or a bachelorette or an activity to celebrate any other occasion for that matter. AquaSirène is a wonderful place where good friends gather for a unique and memorable fun time! And should you decide to give it a try, I would highly recommend that you read all about them online at ( ) – if you’re interested in registering for classes or for booking some swim time, click on “Book Now” off their site to select the city live in.

And finally, don't forget to check them out on: 

Facebook: @Aquamermaid

Instagram: Aquamermaidschool

Twitter: @mermaid_school


And don't hesitate to give it a promises to be a great experience!