Book Review: The Thin Woman's Brain

I read this book over 5 times, and certain passages maybe even more than 10. As a person who struggled with her weight most of her life, I find that this book speaks to all women who have difficulty losing weight.

When I first read it, my two boys were teenagers and I was working full time and as many, was struggling to balance work and family life to best of my ability. Like many in this sort of situation, I was still trying to understand why I simply cannot get my act together already and take control of my eating habits once and for all. I just couldn’t understand. So when I read the reviews on this book, I thought “maybe if I understand why I do the things I do (or don’t do), I can then figure out a way for me to lose the weight and get my life back once and for all”.

There are some parts in The Thin Woman’s Brain that I kept going back to reading, again and again and again…I would do this because sometimes I felt the need to remind myself of the information I learned. At other times, I wanted to better understand the science behind what I was going through on my journey to weight loss. I loved how eye-opening it is about the way women think when they want to lose weight in comparison to women who are already thin. And it really helped inspire me to change the way I think about myself and my body.

In short, this book has compelled me to identify with the personalities described and it has helped me look at things from a different prospective. Even though I do not have a background in science, the book was written in an easy to read manner and has really helped me understand both the emotional and scientific reasoning behind my struggles. I read it often, not only because I wanted to make sure the information “sticks”, but mostly because it really makes me feel motivated and driven to try new ways to stay on track. Love every moment of it. Highly recommend it.