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Most people don't really have a hard time drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Take my husband for instance...the guy downs 4 Liters of water/ day. That's an equivalent of 16 cups of water! I mean you would practically have to be a FISH to drink that much water!! Not me, thank you very much. Though I may be a mermaid at heart, I am by no means a sea creature.

All kidding aside though, other than choosing my food wisely and tracking what I eat, if there's anything that I've found very difficult to maintain while leading a healthy lifestyle, is drinking an adequate amount of water. And if you've ever followed a diet before, you know what an absolute MUST it is to drink an adequate amount of water every day, whether dieting or not. Most experts on the other hand agree that there is no magic formula for the exact amount of water that one should drink, thought it is commonly accepted that we should all drink enough to keep our body hydrated at all times, and that anywhere between 6 to 8 glasses/ day should be sufficient. But leaving it up to us can be a tad tricky. I mean, we all know how "in tune" we are to our body's need for food, let alone water, right? But in my experience, what I found works best is the following:

  • 1 glass of water in the morning upon rising (total 1)
  • 1 glass of water before each of meal (total 3)
  • 2 glass of water taken either in early evening or with one of the day's snacks (total 2)

See for me, the problem with drinking 6 glasses of water goes beyond “quantity”. I have a problem drinking water because I don't like water. I swear, there were times when I would gag when I forced myself to drink water. I’m not 100% sure why that is, but my guess is that the strong dislike stems from a young age when I was always handed juice or Kool-Aid upon declaration of my thirst. The truth is, I never really learned to love water. And like other bad habits, this one had to change too. As you know, juices and other sugary drinks can wreak havoc on our waistline.

Therefore, over time I slowly weaned myself from juices and the like. In doing so however, I've also stopped drinking liquids altogether! Let me tell you first hand what that does to your energy, your gut and your complexion: NOTHING GOOD. Soon enough though, I found myself researching ways to counter my dislike for water, knowing well that I had to come up with a way to not only drink more, but to actually ENJOY what I'm drinking.

At first, I spiked my water with a few drops of those commercial water enhancers. You've probably seen these before: they're these colorful plastic squeeze bottles that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and are usually sold in the soft drinks isle of your grocery store, or near the cash register at the gas station. And though these can come in handy and are great alternatives to drinking juices (as they are far less caloric), they are however packed with artificial colors and/ or flavors. Plus, they are not cheap and their price can add up!

Water Enhancers: a wide variety of colors and flavors (Source: google images)

Water Enhancers: a wide variety of colors and flavors (Source: google images)

So one day as I was checking out Pinterest for inspiration and motivation (yes, I do that. You should too!), I stumbled upon an article about some magic drink that if drank every day, would supposedly make you slimmer (www.lovethispic.com). “Now that is a water-replacement option worth investigating” I thought. So I took it onto myself to investigate exactly how that drink can “make you slimmer”. Turns out, it has some nutritional constituents that are quite beneficial to our metabolism.

Fat Blasting Water

Fat Blasting Water

But I couldn’t stop there. Now that I know there are such things as slimming drinks, I wanted to explore the matter further to see what else is there that can be helpful to those of us trying to slim down. And after extensive research and checking out countless blogs and articles, I decided to combine a few of the recipes that I thought were particularly interesting and most likely to be helpful and come up with a recipe of my own. That’s when I came up with the “Fat Blasting Water” recipe which I share with you below. You see, the first thing that attracted me to the idea is that I would no longer have to drink plain old water, and in adding a few key ingredients, I would not only be drinking more, but I would maybe even help trim my waistline. What more could a girl ask for?!


Below I have detailed the simple recipe to this delicious drink. But if you’re intrigued by how these ingredients can be beneficial and helpful in aiding us with the weight loss process, well then listen up because here’s what my research revealed about the following 5 ingredients that I use in my recipe, and how they can benefit our bottom line:

  • Lemon juice: stimulates the liver and helps in flushing out toxins ( www.draxe.com
  • Ginger juice: studies show that ginger promotes satiety and suppresses obesity (www.healthline.com) 
  • Cayenne pepper: stimulates gastric juice and helps the body metabolize food and toxins (www.draxe.com
  • Apple cider vinegar: suppresses appetite, increase metabolism, relives water retention (www.rd.com)
  • Raw honey: antibacterial & anti-fungal properties and promotes better digestion (www.healthline.com

Weightloss Water

apple cider


ginger juice

lemon juice

cayenne pepper

raw honey

Of course, I didn’t take the claims mentioned above as truth just because they were published on some heresay website. Aside from being collected from reputable sources, the information provided is based on actual scientific research and lab test results. The only way I would believe anything on the internet these days!

As for me, I make this magic concoction first thing every morning in my trusty Contigo water bottle and sip on it all day. I even started to prep the ingredients in small containers and take them in my lunchbox so I can make another bottle of water during the day for me to drink. Great idea honestly because ever since I started doing this I’ve been drinking a lot more fluids, and both my digestion and my complexion have improved tremendously. As for my weight…well, I’m not sure to what extent my waistline is affected by this drink because I am active and always watch what I eat anyway. But I can tell you that much: when I forget to drink a bottle or two of this, I feel tired, unmotivated and simply lazy all day long. Does it really have that much of an effect on the body’s level of energy? I can’t say for sure. But really…who cares? If it tastes good, helps me drink more, and seems to give me some form of energy boost, then why would I stop drinking it? I loooove this drink and I highly recommend it to everyone whose either trying to lead a healthier lifestyle or if they’re like me and really dislike drinking plain old water!

Without further delay, here’s the much-anticipated recipe:


  • 1 Liter of filtered water
  • ½ lemon or lime juice
  • ½ to 1 tsp ginger juice (depends on your liking)
  • 1 TBS apple cider vinegar “with the mother” (always use organic as regular ACV is made with apples that are sprayed with loads of pesticides)
  • 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
  • ½ tsp organic raw honey


  1. Fill up your favorite water bottle with filtered water
  2. Add all the above ingredients to the water one at a time
  3. Shake well
  4. Enjoy all day long!

If you have any feedback or questions on this, don’t hesitate to share with me on the bottom of this post. And if you really like this recipe, please click on the “heart” right below the post to show your approval.

With much love & healthy obsessions,

Boussy xx