Book Review: Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle

Book Review: Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle (by: Tom Venuto)

I read this book back in 2015 when I was looking for an “easier” way to lose weight. I thought it would help me figure out a way to cut corners and still lose weight. Crazy? Yes. You see, the way my logic works is that the book has the word “Feed” in the title. This was enough to get me excited. To me, the most important part of my diet had always been the “eating” part, not the “dieting” part. So when I read about the book and noticed that they put a good emphasis on “feeding” your body for proper weight loss, I thought I’d give it a read.

Book Review: Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle

Book Review

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle (By Vince Venuto)

All kidding aside though, “Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle” is a great book that deals with all aspects of diet, nutrition, exercise and the combination and interaction of all these aspects together. It also goes into detail covering different ways one can deal with the common roadblocks and emotional eating habits that dieters often subject themselves to when trying to lose weight.

In all, I would say that it is indeed a very well written book and is more informative than I had first assumed. However, it is not for the novice dieter. Though the author covers everything from diet to exercise and everything in between, the load of information can be overwhelming (and at times “boring”) for someone who is only looking for a book on dieting or weight loss. That being said, if you’re intrigued by the relationship between food and exercise and the balance of both to get maximum benefits from your regimen, then this book might be just what you need. You see, the author goes into detail about the importance of adequate nutrition (diet) while emphasising how its proper use can, not only fuel the body, but also help it trim and develop a solid core that is stronger and more efficient at burning food for weight loss and strength.

I totally recommend it.