Prepping For Hydration

So I bought a bunch of lemons (not sure why...good deal on lemons perhaps? !). Best strategy to preserve and use these efficiently? Squeeze and keep refrigerated to use as needed.


But my favorite hydration beverage by far is also one that is commonly used as a means to detox and even "supposedly" helps break down the fat in stubborn cell walls where fat had been lodging for so long. All that sounds great I thought...but what about the science to back these claims? None! Truth be told, I like the taste, simple as that. I now prepare a quart of the drink each morning as a way to encourage myself to drink more water. Since water is not exciting enough for my palette, what a great way to add flavour (and maybe some healthy side effects)!!

So I fill a bottle of water with some filtered water, add a bit (2tbs) of lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper. To this, I add 1 tsp raw honey and shake it to blend well. I then sip at  this concoction all day. Give it a try! It's actually delicious!!