Healthy Weekend!

This weekend was a great hit in my book of « Great Healthy Weekends ». 

The food prep process started on Thursday when I stopped after work to pick up some great in-season fruits and vegetables. On Friday I picked up the remainder of my grocery list needs from a superstore. I explicitly did this so I can take the time to prepare my meals and give myself enough time to enjoy my family (and rest too!), without having to run around for groceries.

Started the morning on Saturday with a “health-in-a-blender” smoothie in which I put a cooked beet, frozen banana, frozen pineapple, chocolate Raw Meal, fresh mint springs, almond milk, and water. Yummy…filled me up till noon!

Love doing this on the weekend because during the week I don’t really have time to prepare a smoothie before going to work. It is also a treat because I have oatmeal and fruit (whatever in season) everyday at work.

Then I peeled my batch of carrots and celery and zip-locked them for tomorrow (Sundays are sacrificed for cooking for my family and lunch preps for the whole week).

Later that evening we had the pleasure to go out with some friends to my friend’s Sushi Resto in Downtown Montreal. Awesome food and even better service. I called him ahead and told him to prepare me something with a lot of NO’s :

·       No sugar
·       No fat
·       No white rice
·       No white noodles

And lots of YES’s:

·       Yes for fish
·       Yes for Soya Sauce
·       Yes for spices
·     Yes for vegetables

I left the rest to his imagination and he made me an amazing dish: Grilled Salmon on a bed of wild rice and edamame! Impeccable.

Then on Sunday, I started the day with another “health-in-a-blender” smoothie and got straight to work. This is what I made (Recipes for these and more will be available in “The Healthy Recipes” section):

·       12 mini omelets (in muffin cups)
·       Curried Carrot-ginger soup
·       Oven baked mac & beef
·       Pasta with marinara sauce
·       Butter chicken
·       Curried chick-peas
·       Daal (Indian lentil soup)
·       Basmati Rice

I think we have enough for the week for 4 people, don’t you think? I think so!

Because I have to make enough for the whole week for all of us, I try to make the simplest and least time consuming recipes. How about you? Do you have any favorite super simple, short and healthy recipes?  Would you like to share these with me? If so, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

As for the week ahead, I'm looking forward to it as the boys finish their finals and will be home this week. I already know that I have to take them shopping on Thursday to buy some gifts. As for me, I will start facilitating at Weight Watchers on Wednesday night. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

So until next time, keep smiling and eating well!